12 Clip Underwear Socks Drying Rack Multifunctional Hanger


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  • Just take your laundry out and either clip your clothes onto the rack to naturally air dry your clothes.
  • The spacing of the hanger clips is perfect, which can effectively maximize the airflow, our clips and dripping hangers-your lifestyle changer!
  • Material and size: The material is plastic, the size is 30×12.5cm, durable.
  • Hangers with clothespins are suitable for hand-washed and machine-washed items, and are suitable for hanging towels, underwear, scarves, underwear, bras, shirts, ties, hats, socks, masks, handkerchiefs or other clothes.
  • Suitable for all kinds of fabrics, suitable for indoor and indoor use, and can be easily hung in closets, shower curtain rods, laundry rooms, outside the clothesline, etc.


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