5Pcs Furniture Transport Hand Tool Plastic Moving Roller Set

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  • Strength: Simple leverage makes all the difference to what you are capable of lifting and moving. Ergonomically designed to give you up to 10 times your nomal strength.It can load 150 kg.
  • Simple: Simply lift, place the pads underneath the furniture and slide your furniture to where you want it . It is so easy to put this to use around the home should you be doing a full house move or just the occasional rearrange.
  • No Damage: The moving tool will not damage your floors. Can be used on hard floors and carpet.
  • Multi-function :Ideal furniture moving aids the movement of household items like fridges, sofas, beds, desks, cabinets and more. Furniture moving aids cleaning around the home without having to call in friends and neighbors to help.
  • Comfort Handle – The ergonomic foam handle makes the lifting tool pleasant and satisfying to use.


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