Dust Cleaning Brush


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  • size: 54x21x4.5cm
  • Clean the window screen: you can clean the screens without removing them from the frame, the window screen cleaner designed for the task also eliminates some chances of damage and speeds up the cleaning process, so the washing will be much faster , much easier.
  • Long Reach Detachable Handle: This set is detachable, you can use the hand brush only, or use the brush together with the 21 inch handle as a set. Much smoother than a brush, and much faster too. Get this powerful tool to save a lot of time and energy while keeping things looking new again.
  • DUAL USE WET AND DRY: It can be used dry to clean light dust and maintenance, or you can get it wet to increase your potency. To remove pollen, cottonwood lint and other dust residues, you can use the screen cleaning brush to quickly pick them up. When wet with just water, it will remove most of the dirt and grime that is a bit more sticky.
  • Versatility of use: You can quickly clean surfaces on the sofa, carpet, bed sheet, clothes or scrub them thoroughly depending on your needs. The material is fully reusable, so you can rinse and hang to dry when you’re done, making it long-term.


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